Not only is this a fun look at the differences in gaming, but it is also a very insightful look into how players approach the option of gaming. Make no doubt about it though, we are all after different ways to be entertained and here we analyse real physical slot machines and virtual slot machines.

The World of Slot Machine Gaming

There is no argument in suggesting that online slot machines are by far the most popular game within any online casino in South Africa. The world of slot gaming is incredibly expansive, you only need to look at the top 10 casinos in SA here to see that each casino holds over 800 different titles in the category of slot play alone.

New games are pumped into the industry week on week, new feature, new prizes and its why it’s loved so much by millions of players on a global scale.

The slot game is., however, found outside of the confines of the online casino. The game comes in other various forms and formats. This brings us to the physical form of gambling with real machines and slot cabinets as they are called. Cabinets have been around for decades and placed inside of pubs and bars, casinos, bookies and hotels. So, which is the best method to get your excitement from? Is there even a difference given the functions and results are the same?

We take a closer look at the two contenders and see what they provide to players across all aspects of entertainment, fairness and cash prizes.

Online slots

The best slots stand up to any game ever created for the casino. As mentioned, the numbers available are extraordinary. But here, we must look at the quality! Firstly, the online slot is available 247 so the convenience of play already gives the format the upper hand. With casino gaming, it is accessible through any device which can connect to the Internet, this means gaming is not only available all the time, it is also available anywhere. For more information regarding this matter, head over here.

The online slot also brings an abundance of diverse gameplay. There are many styles that can be found within the list of titles and themes which stretch across all the genres.

The make-up of the gaming is done via two different algorithms, one calculates the winning payouts based on the percentage of the money put into the game, the other calculates based on random number sequence.

The wagering to play is also higher, which allows for bigger wins and this brings us to the jackpots. The world’s biggest sum can be won from online slot machines. The largest came to R270,000,000 (£13,000,000) which was won in the UK.

Real Slot Machines

In 2003, the Vegas resort Excalibur was home to the largest ever payment by a slot cabinet. In American dollars $39.7 million. In Rand R606,000,000. No online slot has even come close to this. The problem is you have to go to Vegas to find these sums of payment. So, you could call this argument a tie. For players in South Africa, you would have to travel either north or south of the country to explore the local casinos. From them, you can still enjoy 24-hr gaming in social surroundings.

For some players, an atmosphere is essential to enjoyment, so this live buzz of playing at a physical machine is very appealing and the online casino will only be able to replicate this in Virtual Reality.

The number of cabinets used by any land-based casino falls very short in numbers compared to one online platform. You may find as few as 20 and as many as 100, depending on the location. What is also affected is the diversity of play, with often 2 to 5 of the same cabinets appearing on the floor.

Wagering limits can be capped also on specific games, some countries have now had high stakes drastically cut on fixed-odds gaming.

The Verdict

There really is no overall winner. Many people will point to online slots because it seems to conform to everything more so, but then land-based slot cabinets are about something beyond this that thrusts a real-life experience into players which the Internet cannot duplicate. We each want something different from our experiences. If you have the time to go to a casino uptown, then enjoy and revel. If time is short, then take your phone out and play. Plus, who’s to say you can have the best of both worlds.